Monday-Thursday 11am-4pm
6585 Clark Road #320, Paradise, CA


Walk-Ins Welcome!


volunteerWomen facing unplanned pregnancies are not strangers. They are your neighbors and your classmates. They are rich and they are poor. They come from every racial background. The most valuable, long lasting contribution to them is your time.

All too often women are forced to deal with the fear and trauma of an unplanned pregnancy alone. During this critical time, they may have no one. You can change that. Call us today at 530.876.1113 to find out how you can help.


prayPlease consider adding Care Net to your prayer list. Prayer support is critical to our mission.

Pray specifically for programs of the center, for funding, for healing the hearts of post-abortion clients and for the staff of the center.

Ask the Lord to open the eyes of young mothers and fathers to see their options and to have hope.

“Love never fails” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:8 ~